Oil and Gas

Valve Rigid-Body Simulation

Studying moving bodies effects on flows Valves are key elements for process control in Energy and Oil & Gas industries Moving bodies immersed in fluid flows are found in a relevant number of contexts, and of course Oil & Gas is one of them. This project is focused on the “Piping and Valves” equipment category, a very specific field often encountered in Energy and Oil & Gas industries. In particular, it analyzes the interaction occurring between a Variable Orifice Valve plate when it is operated while immersed in a gas flowing inside the valve.

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Drill Bit Flow Simulation

Understanding complex flow patterns Drill bit equipment needs accurate design to optimize flow pattern for particle removal Drilling industry makes use of equipment that faces very harsh environments. In these contexts, optimal design choices are even more critical, if compared with other settings. They are responsible not only for guaranteeing proper equipment operating conditions, but they also have an impact on process performances, influencing for example drilling speed.

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