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DIAMBRA™ | Dueling AI Arena

The arena where state-of-the-art AI agents fight in video games matches with live technical commentary

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Industry ready solutions, providing state of the art applications in the fields of Machine Learning (α-MaLe™), Computational Geometry (CoGe™), and Physical Modeling and Simulation (PhyMo™).

α-MaLe™ | Machine Learning

Intelligent agents to automate tasks and operations requiring complex and deep cognitive capabilities. Artificial Twin | α-MaLe™ is built on top of the most powerful Machine Learning frameworks to provide advanced AI functionalities. It can be applied on a vast set of input data, including audio, video and images, supporting the fastest approaches available, such as distributed parallel computing and CUDA.

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CoGe™ | Computational Geometry

The most advanced and efficient set of tools to solve a huge number of geometrical problems with optimized algorithms and data structures. Artificial Twin | CoGe™ can be used in various areas needing geometric computation and virtual representation, such as computer aided design, computer graphics, geographic information systems, robotics, medical imaging and molecular biology.

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PhyMo™ | Physical Modeling

State of the art modules to simulate and test physical behavior of real objects inside a virtual environment. Artificial Twin | PhyMo™ is based on best-in-class libraries ranging from Computational Fluid Dynamics to Finite Element Analysis, allowing you to create virtual mock-ups to accurately and reliably replicate and investigate the physics behind your products and processes.

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Recent Projects

Read about how our advanced technology has been applied in different contexts to solve a wide set of different problems, providing accurate and reliable results, helping our customers to optimize their products and processes.

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CAD Files Reader and Handler

Artificial Twin | CoGe™, our advanced technology for Computational Geometry, allowed an Italian company which provides advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation services, to scale up their potential super fast with a top class reliability and robustness. In this field, to support as many input file formats as possible, guarantees a strategic market advantage. For this reason, leveraging our production-ready tool which allows ingesting and to discretize NURBS files, provides a very high-value feature.

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Surf Fin Hydrodynamics

Artificial Twin | PhyMo™ has played a major role in providing guidance and consulting for Computational Fluid Dynamics testing of several hydrofoil prototypes that are part of a patent-pending project. The CFD results played a key role in helping confirm whether the humpback whale-inspired design methods were worth pursuing, allowing to evaluate performances using only CAD models of designed parts, without any need of physical prototyping.

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Inhaler Deposition Pattern Analysis

This success story shows how Artificial Twin | PhyMo™ has been adopted for total drug deposition optimization given a fixed amount of medicine, using particles size and injection angle as optimization parameters. A detailed simulation result is reported, conducted on a real nasal cavity CAD model, it allows to completely grasp the power of this tool in performance optimization for medical devices involving complex physics.

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Virtual Modeling

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Our modeling experts can help you create a custom virtual model of your product or process, tackling major challenges and identifying optimal design choices.