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Surf Fin Hydrodynamics

Testing prototypes, virtually Snapshot of the surfboard fin field testing | Rocky Point - Haleiwa, Hawaii Artificial Twin | PhyMo™ has played a major role in providing guidance and consulting for Computational Fluid Dynamics testing of several hydrofoil prototypes that are part of a patent-pending project. The CFD results played a key role in helping confirm whether the humpback whale-inspired design methods were worth pursuing, allowing to evaluate performances using only CAD models of designed parts, without any need of physical prototyping.

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Spear Tip Shape Optimization

Small details, huge impact Hydrodynamics plays a major role in evaluating underwater performances This study is focused on performance optimization for underwater fishing equipment. The object of interest is a spear of a fishing shooting rifle, and the aimed goal is to identify a solution able to increase spear velocity and range, as well as increase shooting power, at no cost from the rifle point of view. When objects move at (relatively) high velocities inside (relatively) high density fluids like water, every little detail can make a very huge difference.

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