CoGe™ Projects

CAD Files Reader and Handler

Scaling software potential super-fast Radial engine CAD assembly | STEP File - 15.8 Mb - 2.3 M triangles output surface This success story describes how Artificial Twin | CoGe™, our advanced technology for Computational Geometry, allowed an Italian company providing advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation services, to scale up their potential super fast with a top class reliability and robustness. CAD models are the primary source of geometrical information in Mechanical Engineering.

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Machine Space for 3D Printing

A key factor for 3D printing pricing Optimizing printing layout brings relevant advantages More and more platforms providing 3D printing services are appearing online recently. Their workflow is fairly standard: the user logs into the platform, uploads his 3D model (in a compatible format), chooses some operations (e.g. scaling) and features (e.g. material or surface finishing) and finally proceeds to the payment to complete the purchase. Determine an accurate pricing algorithm is vital for these companies, given they don’t have very large margins and a growing number of competitors.

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